Un franc succès pour la biennale de Boston

“The Boston Biennial 4 delivered an evocative and inspiring selection of art of various types of mediums and styles…..Atlantic Works Gallery was bursting with people, compassion and excitement at it’s opening for the Boston Biennial 4 and it’s no question as to why: when the people in charge are just as engaged as the artists involved, it makes for perfect harmony.” Ali Russo, Artscope Magazine

“The Biennial Project's commitment to building connections between artists here and elsewhere is utterly refreshing. To see them and their collaborators at work is to see artists at the top of their game - working without the net of institutional support, but obviously having a hell of a good time in the process - and nurturing personal and working relationships and networks that feel downright subversive in this day and age.” Alec Onsemska, film-maker and art critic